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Need help finding a book on japanese sword fighting!?

Where is fighter My daughter is in a few weeks thirteen. On their wish list a Bokken (wooden katana) and a sword, the Japanese sword was taught.
I did not bother to tell those in the other answer because I did not realize it was so direct.

It is much harder to unlearn things that have learned to be wrong than it is to learn...

Is there a book which lists all the moves in a lengthy japanese sword form/kata?

Warior #2 I was looking for a book that a long kata, which I could with my bokken practice contains.
As everyone says, struggling to the point of a sword to finish it as quickly as possible. Lengthy patterns are not the best way to practice to ensure you will quickly stop a sword fight and hide...

Чистка ковров, Химчистка мебели Новосибирск самостоятельно, Пылесос напрокат в Новосибирске - чистка диванов
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